Journey Management System

Organise your road transport missions safely

Planning and carrying out road transport missions safely requires a thorough understanding and strict adherence to safety rules established by an Organisation. The challenge is to coordinate and monitor each step in this process so that missions are managed competently from beginning to end.


30 % of fatalities in the Oil & Gas sector are due to accidents involving vehicles*
Too often driving accidents can be avoided if trips are properly evaluated and planned before drivers get behind the wheel. Some of the principle causes of driving accidents in large corporations are:


- non-adherence to safety rules
- unqualified or inept drivers
- unsuitable vehicles
- poor evaluation of the impact of environmental and climatic conditions



Why implement a Journey Management system?
> Reduce the number of driving accidents and associated losses
> React quickly in case of accidents and emergencies
> Establish responsibility and accountability amongst supervisors and drivers – Identify why, how and by whom safety rules are not respected and reinforce driving safety policies

> Store driver permits and certificates, vehicle maintenance information, safety checklists
> Create a reliable knowledge base of guidelines for different routes driven by your personnel



Classical tools for managing company trips (Paper Forms, Excel etc) may not be completed correctly, can get lost and do not provide a history of journey specific guidelines or lessons learnt in the past

Samodia has developed a web enabled system to facilitate safe and secure transport missions. Based on our experience of land transportation in isolated and hazardous areas, SamJourney adheres to the recommendations of the OGP* and associated security rules for road transportation. Extending beyond classical Journey Management tools (paper forms, excel etc), SamJourney modernises the Journey Management process by bringing it online and providing a more dynamic and reliable means of accident prevention.


* International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (2007)



Improved compliance with company road safety guidelines

Increased safety of drivers and vehicles during transport missions

Better management and visibility of planned and unplanned trips

Accountability of personnel involved in each transport mission

 Reliable, dynamic and easy-to-use solution