SAMODIA provides a wide range of systems and services which address driving skills and behaviour, vehicle safety, journey planning, assessment and management of risks, specialised communications systems for remote areas.


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Agressive or unsuitable driving

Speeding, harsh breaking, extreme turns, dangerous manoeuvres

Poor safety practices

- Non-use of safety belts, or required safety equipment.
- Unauthorised, uncertified or untrained drivers.
- Non-adherence to maximum driving distances and required resting time.
- Non adherence to restrictions in dangerous zones.
- Un-assessed risks, unauthorised journeys or stops.

Fleet is un-fit for use

- Poor vehicle maintenance.
- Insufficient/broken safety equipment.

Driver Isolation

- Lack of data and tools to assist and improve driver behavior & skills.
- Unable to get assistance in case of emergency.

Vehicle & Driver Monitoring System

Monitoring System
A compact on-board computer is installed in each vehicle to monitor key safety information (ex. excess speed, harsh turns, braking, acceleration, journey start and stop time...)
Handle driver access & certification
A driver key allows access only to authorised and qualified drivers.
Provide driving Reports & Scores
Analyse driving styles using our extensive range of reports and graphs. Develop scores for each driver and use as input for driver incentive and safety programmes. Analyse driving errors and tailor driver training to meet individual driver’s needs.
Launch In-cabin alerts
When a driving violation occurs in a vehicle (e.g. over-speeding, harsh braking) the in-vehicle buzzer notifies the driver instantly. The driver can take immediate corrective action and avoid potentially fatal consequences.
Options: Shock sensor, Good/bad driving display unit, RIBAS unit, Atex Installation for dangerous substances, Gas sensor, Panic button, Identification keys.


Active and passive vehicle tracking allows you to see where your vehicles have been at any given time and to locate them in real time when necessary.
Geo-fencing safety rules
Designate rules for different zones and generate an alert if the driver breaks the rules.

In-Vehicle Safety Equipment

• Tachograph, remote download, chart scanner.
• Reverse camera.
• Weight control system.
• Atex installation for dangerous substances.
• Speed limiter.
• Accident recorder (with accident replay software).
• Anti-Roll Bar.
• Prevention system for drink-driving.
Additional Safety Sensors
Depending on your company’s needs, various sensors can be installed to measure impacts, harsh turns or rollovers, temperature changes, dangerous gasses, tyre levels, weight of load.

Communication anywhere in any territory

Cellular, Satellite and short range radio modules enable data transmission and two-way communication anytime with drivers in any territory.

Alerts and Panic Button

You are automatically alerted in the case of any predefined unusual events by email, SMS, fax or dedicated application. Instant communication with the office for extreme situations e.g. a safety rule is broken or a driver needs urgent assistance. Panic button management includes automatic checks to ensure reliability of the alert system and end user response.

Journey Management (NEW)

(Software, Training, JM Centre)
Our JM web-enabled software program enables you to assess the necessity of each journey with the objective of minimising the number of dangerous trips. For journeys which must be undertaken, the system analyses and records associated risks. Drivers are selected according to their ability and certification and are fully briefed before departure. The system also checks resting and shift cycles to ensure that drivers are fit for the journey. If necessary, drivers also receive specialised training so they can complete specific journeys safely. Utilising this system will give you peace of mind (It is fully compliant with OGP recommendations).

SamWeb Tracking & Servicing manager

Reports (On-demand, Scheduled, Customized, Analysis tool)

Get customised reports so you receive the exact information you need when you need it.

Safe Driving & JM Programs

Complete solution for Safe Driving & JM (tools, project setup, training), evaluation of environmental and work constraints, psychometric and aptitude tests for driver selection, training for drivers, trainers and assessors. Accident simulator for staff training…

On-Site Services (Installation, Audit, Accident analysis, Study)

Maintenance / Monitoring contracts

Make sure your fleet is safely maintained and equipped by subscribing to our maintenance and monitoring services.