Resource Management, Control & Optimisation


SAMODIA provides a range of solutions to boost the productivity of your mobile ressources: React quickly to problems and opportunities, communicate efficiently with your workforce, record all orders and deliveries, generate management reports automatically, shorten billing cycles...



Equipment Software Services

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Be more productive with your resources and missions

- Never plan 3 trips when you can do it in 1.
- Pick up new jobs and issue them to the closest driver.

Know what happens in the field, understand & react

- Anticipate & deal with delays.
- Help in case of emergency.

Improve communication

- Send accurate missions & help driver navigation.
- Communicate easily, quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.
- RFID or Bar Code Traceability

Improve Administration

- Reduce paperwork.
- Process invoices quickly & efficiently.

Analyse & continuously improve your dispatching

Vehicle & Driver Monitoring System

A compact on-board computer is installed in each vehicle to measure usage (who, when, where), driving behaviour (excess speeding, breaking, over-revving), idling (vehicle immobile with engine running). Connect the system to a taximeter, RFID or Bar Code system, tachograph or cold sensor to measure other mission critical information.


Active and passive tracking allows you to see where your resources (vehicles, goods, personnel) have been at any given time and to locate them in real time when necessary.
Tools which enable you to plan intelligent itineraries which optimise your resources and missions.

Communication anywhere in any territory

Choose the most cost-effective communication system to suit your needs including the cellular network (GSM), short range radio, satellite or your own communication system.

Invoice or payroll software integration

The tracking system sends data to your existing invoice and payroll system so that you can process job information accurately and efficiently.

SamWeb Tracking &Maintenance software

Allows you to track and view the field activity of your personnel, vehicles and goods in real-time. Easily follow-up at any stage of a mission, respond to your customer quickly and anticipate problems. Centralise and share all your fleet data through a web-enabled interface.

Integrated financial, technical and administrative software

See dedicated page for full details on our fleet management ERP solution.

Planning and Dispatching System

Spécialement conçu pour :
- Sociétés de flottes de véhicules
- Sociétés de leasing
- Taxis et bus
- Services d’interventions
- Transport de marchandises
Avec nos outils de Planification et de Dispatching, la ressource la plus appropriée est attribuée à chaque mission afin d’améliorer la qualité et l’efficacité globale. Avec un déploiement optimal des ressources, les sociétés peuvent répondre à plus de clients en maintenant un service de qualité.

Alerts planning / dispatching follow-up

Be notified automatically of planning and dispatching follow-up actions. Receive vehicle servicing alerts.

Reports (On-demand, scheduled, Customized, Analysis tool)

SamWeb allows you to visualise the data you need when you need it. Choose from scheduled, on-demand or customised reports and analysis tools. With predefined exception reports, all you’ll need is 15 minutes per week to measure your performance and identify areas for improvement.

Planning and Dispatching Training

We will train you to get the most out of your resources and increase productivity. The program includes a comprehensive view of planning and dispatching techniques and technology.

OnSite Services (Installation, Audit, IT Integration)

Our mobile team provides on-site services such as Installations, Maintenance, Audits/Consultancy and Accident Analysis.

Maintenance/Monitoring contracts

Get the most out of your fleet management equipment from day one by subscribing to our maintenance service.