Cost Reduction (& EcoDriving)

Cost Reduction

SAMODIA's solutions will help you drive down the cost of your fleet by reducing costly driving practices such as idling and personal usage, improving fuel efficiency and tyre and machinery life-span, reducing overtime and communications costs, preventing theft and accidents.


Equipment Software Services

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Reduce fuel consumption

Eliminate accidents

Eliminate unnecessary trips, idling, personal usage.

Reduce wear & tear (tires, brakes,clutch) and avoid breakdowns from bad driving habits or poor maintenance.

Optimise vehicle utilisation

Facilitate invoicing & payroll

Reduce communication costs

Prevent fuel and vehicle theft

Cost Reduction

- Lower ma int enance and operation costs with o ptimised transport use and fewer breakdowns.

Vehicle & Driver Monitoring System

A compact on-board computer is installed in each vehicle to monitor usage (who, when and where), bad driving (excess speeding, breaking, over-revving), idling (vehicle immobile with engine running). This data will enable you to identify and eliminate costly driving practices.


Geo-location & Geo-fencing rules
allow you to monitor the real usage of your fleet.

Cost Saving Equipment

Fuel Meter (monitors consumption), with optional display for driver, Tank control system (anti-theft), tachograph, Log CanBus consumption data, weight control system, speed limiter.

Communication anywhere in any territory

Choose the most cost-effective communication system to suit your needs: Vehicle data is transferred in real/ differed time via cellular network (GSM), short range radio or satellite.

SamWeb Tracking and Servicing Manager

SamWeb Tracking enables you to monitor vehicle usage so that you can take appropriate actions to reduce wear & tear and damage of car parts. The system also keeps a check on maintenance schedules and notifies you by alert when each vehicle is due for an overhaul. By optimising and ensuring timely service interventions,  you will be able to reduce costs. As all data is provided via internet/mobile phone, you no longer need to physically inspect machinery thus saving time and money.

Integrated financial, technical and administrative software

See dedicated page for full details on our Fleet Management ERP solution.

Planning and Dispatching System

Management and optimisation of resources is a principal source of savings. The most suitable resource is allocated to each job thus improving overall quality. Resources are fully utilised so overtime payments are dramatically decreased. With optimal deployment of resources, companies can service more clients efficiently.


Save time and money by getting instant alerts about of bad driving, unauthorised trips, servicing reminders, and theft of goods.

Invoice or payroll software integration

Reports (On-demand, Scheduled, Customised, Analysis tool)

SamWeb allows you visualise the data you need when you need it. Choose from scheduled, on-demand or customised reports and analysis tools. Pinpoint wastage and inefficiencies, tighten inventory control for reduced costs.

Training and EcoDriving Program

EcoDriving & SAFED
According to the U.S. Environment Protection Agency, practising moderate levels of EcoDriving can improve fuel economies by up to 33 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent around town. Sensible driving is also safer for you and others, so you may save more than fuel money. We provide vehicle equipment, Eco- Driving/SAFED training, motivation & reward tools to address this objective fully.
Fleet Manager Training
We will train you to get the most out of your fleet while reducing costs and ensuring full compliance with government legislation. The program includes a comprehensive view of Fleet Management techniques and technology.

OnSite Services (Installation, Audit, Accident analysis, Study)

Our mobile team provides on-site audits to help you reduce costs through improved management processes.

Maintenance/Monitoring contracts

Avoid expensive surprises by subscribing to our maintenance and monitoring services.