Administrative, Technical & Financial Management


The combination of Samodia's Fleet Management solutions with S.I.P provides clients with a complete set of tools to manage all administrative, technical, commercial and financial aspects of their fleet. Save money, Save time, Improve your customer service

What is S.I.P.?

S.I.P is the result of over 20 years experience working in the field of managing fleets of vehicles, employees, and professional equipment.
• Administrative, technical, financial and commercial ERP system specially developed for Fleet Managers.
• Centralise and access all your fleet management information easily.
• Follow key performance indicators for all areas of fleet management.
• Simplify and maintain organised and efficient working processes.
• Control and minimise costs.
• Optimise the utilisation of your fleet.

The benefits of S.I.P.

• Save money! No more costs go unrecorded and unchecked. Result: Control of all past, present and future costs in a few simple clicks.
• Save time! A powerful tool to manage all technical, financial, commercial and administrative aspects related to your drivers and vehicles. Result: Save time, improve profitability, productivity and security.
• Improve customer service! Benefit form all the information and tools you need to sustainably improve the quality of your customer service. Result : Quick decisions and reactions to better serve your customers’ needs.

Who uses S.I.P.?

Large Private Companies: Nestlé, VEOLIA Environment Group (World leader in environmental services), Air Liquide (World leader in gases for industry, health and the environment), Calyon (Capital markets, investment and corporate banking), SONY, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre (French pharmaceutical company with turnover of 1.75 billion euros in 2008), Razel (French construction company with turnover of 460 million euros in 2008), SADE (Subsidiary company of Veolia Group with turnover of 1.14 million euros in 2007), DHL, Renault trucks.

Many small and medium sized companies.

Administration and Large Public Companies: Urban transport companies (RATP), French Defence Ministry (Police and Gendarmes), VNF(National French waterways), EDF(Electricity Supply)…

Other Public Entities: Hospitals, Cities (Townhall of Paris, Le Grand Lyon, Nice, Orléans, Limoges, Avignon, Valence, Douai, Montreuil…), Fire-fighters (SDIS 67, SDIS 38…)


How S.I.P. works


Basic Module e
• Administrative and technical management
• Referencing, allocation management, planning and
monitoring of vehicles, equipment, personnel, sites,
third parties (clients and suppliers)
• Cost breakdown & analysis (Receipts and payments,
repair and maintenance, consumption of fuel,oil…)
• Fleet activity management
• Query tool and document generator (statistical
reports, documents, letters)


Advanced options in
administrative management
Advanced options in
Technical management
Advanced options in
Operations management
• Vehicle ordering
• Third party contracts
• Fuel cards / charge cards
• Claims
• Fines, penalties
• Tax
• Preventative maintenance
• Problem notifications and work
orders management
• Workshop management
• Stock management
• Company fuel tanks management
• Management of pools with /
without drivers
• Management of reservation
and transport requests
• Planning charts


Business connectors (leasing companies, petrol companies, petrol pumps, I.D. cards, phone operators)
Transversal options e.g. Electronic data management (EDM), Accounting integration…