Samodia's technology solutions help Transportation companies to develop significant competitive advantages: Vehicle and driver tracking for better control and management; Software tools for planning, managing and optimising  transport missions; Online logbooks, reports and alerts to facilitate fleet administration and maintenance.


Equipment Software Services

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Reduce Costs

- Reduce maintenance & operational costs.
- Reduce fuel consumption.
- Secure your fleet from accidents, theft, vehicle breakdown.
- Reduce unnecessary overtime and overnighting costs.
- Monitor vehicle and trailer shocks and bumps to eliminate excessive wear & tear.

Increase Safety

- Improve your drivers skills & behavior to increase safety (& reduce costs).
- Prevent dangerous, costly and innaccurate mobile phone calls with drivers.
- Help in case of emergency.

Increase Productivity

- Achieve cost-effective missions easily with a clear view of your fleet, schedules and constraints.
- Track, anticipate & eliminate wasted time, long standing times, low drop rates, delays at customer's site, inefficient routing, getting lost.
- Know what happens in the field, understand & react.
- Improve trailer utilisation and management.
- Improve backload (use or sell your unused space/return leg).
- Tightly monitor your high value load; subcontract hauliers.
- Remote monitor load temperature and provide in-cabin alerts (cold chain mgt).

Improve Internal Processes

- Paperless mission dispatching & accurate field data/document centralisation (ex. Delivery proof, goods loaded).
- Process orders & invoices efficiently & quickly.
- Quickly solve client disputes with accurate data proofs.
- Get a full history of your fleet (location, deliveries, drivers...)

Enhance Company Image

- Timely, quality service.
- Increase customer satisfaction due to greater responsiveness.

Driver and Vehicle Data systems

are connected to the kilometre or hour metre, tachograph, CANbus, fuel meter or other electrical inputs from the cab, trailer or vehicle chassis and help you collect information regarding compliance and operational efficiency. Options: • Fuel Meter • Trailer Identification • Shock sensor (bumps & shocks) • Additional temperature sensor • Theft sensors.


Allows you to instantly or retrospectively pinpoint the location of your vehicle on a map so that utilisation and exceptions can be measured. Many other details can be obtained including route deviation, location of loads, time spent at a location.

Driver Terminal

Dispatch missions, collect field data, centralise documents (proof of delivery, any business or technical document), get mission status, text/voice communication.

InVehicle Equipment

Tachograph, chart scanner & software, remote download Fuel meter • Tank control system • Speed limiter • Weight control system • Shock sensor • Reverse camera.

Communication anywhere in any territory

Whether in the desert or an urban area, we provide the most effective communication solution. Communication systems can be mixed within your fleet of vehicles so you get only what is needed.

Journey Management Planning (NEW)

SamWeb Tracking & Servicing manager

Customized web tracking system (get only the information you need) which can handle low bandwidth connections in remote areas. The solution can be hosted in your company 24/7. Onboard vehicle systems for monitoring and sabotage prevention. The system works with your dedicated maps (oil fields, base...) or local country maps. The system manages maintenance schedules, reminders & logbook and paperwork related to drivers & vehicles.

Alerts (& Panic Button)


(On-demand, Scheduled, Customised, Analysis tool): Driver & vehicle scoring (RAG Report) for HSE Management / Driving analysis to understand and improve your business specific needs.


Planning & Dispatching Training.
Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) - for drivers.
Fleet Manager Best Practices.

On-Site Services (Installation, Audit, Consultancy)

Maintenance/ Monitoring contracts