Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

The principal concern of our Oil & Gas clients is to ensure the safety and security of all road transportation activities.  Our solutions help clients to manage and reduce risks (as directed by HSE policies) as well as costs, and to plan missions more efficiently. We are specialised in providing systems and services for harsh environments and complex operations.


Equipment Software Services

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People Safety

- Reduce the number of incidents and fatalities to zero.
- Identify problems with a view to resolving or preventing them.
- Enable rapid and effective interventions when necessary.

Operating Risks

- Reduce risks associated with transport operations.
- Control and minimise damage when an incident occurs.
- Ensure legal compliance.

Operation Policies and Standards

- Improve operational procedures and efficiency of transport use.
- Adherence to maintenance schedules and standards.
- Clear, concise and consistent vehicle operating standards.
- Clear responsibility for transportation and logistics issues.

Corporate Citizenship

- Motivate employees through training and recognition of their skills.
- Reduce air pollution through optimised journeys and better maintenance of vehicles.
- Enhance company’s image.

Vehicle and Driver Monitoring System

Monitor key driving risks, manage driver access & certification (vehicles and HSE permits), provide driving reports & scores for management, launch in-cabin alerts. Options: shock sensor (track shocks, harsh turns, fire alert in case of potential crash).

Geolocation + Panic Button

InVehicle Safety Equipment

• Anti-Roll Bar • Atex installation for dangerous substances • Accident recorder (with accident replay software) • Speed limiter • Gas sensor • Shock sensor • Weight control system • Prevention system for drink-driving • Reverse camera • Tachograph, remote download, scanner.

Communication anywhere in any territory

whether in the desert or an urban area, we provide the effective communication solution:
- short range radio for free download of all data as soon as vehicles are near one of your sites
- satellite link for realtime communication and panic button in remote areas
- GSM for realtime communication within covered area
- integration with your own communication system (can be mixed within your fleet of vehicles so you get only what is needed).

Journey Management Planning (NEW)

SamWeb Tracking & Servicing manager

Customized web tracking system (get only the information you need) which can handle low bandwidth connections in remote areas. The solution can be hosted in your company 24/7. Onboard vehicle systems for monitoring and sabotage prevention. The system works with your dedicated maps (oil fields, base...) or local country maps. The system manages maintenance schedules, reminders & logbook and paperwork related to drivers & vehicles.

Alerts (& Panic Button)


(On-demand, Scheduled, Customised, Analysis tool): Driver & vehicle scoring (RAG Report) for HSE Management / Driving analysis to understand and improve your business specific needs.


Driving & Assessment (Defensive driving, off-road driving, etc) Assess and train your drivers to enhance their driving skills/behaviour and minimise driving risks. Enable them to anticipate dangerous situations despite adverse conditions or mistakes of others. Courses: Defensive driving, Off-road, Mud, Bus/Coaches, Desert, Snow, Heavy truck, Crane, Raising awareness.

Driver selection via psycho-technical assessments

Safe Driving & Journey Management Programs

OnSite Services

(Installation, Audit, Accident analysis, Consultancy)

Maintenance/Monitoring contracts