Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce

SAMODIA provides cost effective solutions for companies with mobile workforces. Manage and prioritise client requests, allocate jobs optimally. Locate and track your drivers,  manage working and resting hours, monitor bad driving, keep on top of vehicle maintenance.


Case Study

Case Study: Increased Control and Productivity

A company which provides after-sales service, maintenance contracts and repairs for fleets of construction machinery
in France and Spain.

• Manage and prioritise client requests and optimise allocation and planning of technicians for each mission.
• Know what really happens outside of the office (locate and track drivers).
• Monitor driving and resting hours; know which drivers are available, have reached their quota, are on holiday or sick leave.
• Monitor any bad driving conduct (speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking).
• Receive maintenance reminder alerts.

• In-Vehicle System: FM300 + GSM/GPRS (real time).
• Web Software: SamWeb Tracking & Servicing Manager + Planning & Dispatching + customised dashboard.

• Increase in the number and profitability of interventions each month.
• Team performance was measured for each site and used to motivate and reward good practices.
• Information shared easily and quickly between different teams.
• Reduced fuel costs due to monitoring consumption per driver, reduced maintenance costs due to preventative maintenance.
• Reduced speeding fines and excessive wear and tear.

Overtime decreased by 25%
Average productivity increase of 5 hours per technicien per month