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Samodia exhibits at the Fifth Technology of OIl & Gas Forum (TOG) in Tripoli, Libya

In partnership with our Libyan distributor, Rebyana Oil & Gas Services, Samodia particpated in the Fifth Technology of OIl & Gas Forum from 12th to 14th October.

Held on a biannual basis since 2002, TOG has become the Libya's longest running oil and gas event with the largest participation. TOG is organised by the Libyan Petroleum Institute, supported by the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and attended by key decision makers in Libya's oil and gas industry.

Samodia was pleased to present our innovative technological solutions for optimising road transportation missions and minimising road accidents. Our new Journey Management system was of particular interest to many visitors wishing to improve the way they plan and monitor their transport missions. We had a lot of interest in speed limiters which provide quick and tangible improvements in driving safety, and demonstrated our full range of driver management and tracking products.

Samodia ONML Algérie
Samodia participates in the 14th Annual Legal Metrology Day in Algeria

The Algerian National Office of Legal Metrology (ONML) celebrated its 14th Annual Legal Metrology Day at the Hilton hotel in Algiers on 7th October in the presence of the Minister for Industry Mr. Mohammed Benmeradi.

Samodia, an Algerian technology and services company dedicated to driver and vehicle managment, presented a selection of equipment from the VDO automotive range which has dramatically improved driver and road safety in many countries around the world. As well as decreasing the number of road accidents, the installation of VDO equipment ensures more efficient driving which results in lower fuel, maintenance and repair costs.

The ONML stressed that due to the increasing number of different calibration systems within the transport industry, it has become urgent to use the latest means of analysis.  Defective or inaccurate measurement equipment can cause grave consequences for the safety of persons. The Minister explained that Metrology allows the concerned bodies to have reliable measurement equipment in order to fight against road accidents.  To this end, he called on the Management of National Safety (DGSN), the national police and the National Office of Metrology (ONML) to coordinate their efforts and put into place a national program to prevent road accidents..
Wassil Bouali (Manager Algeria) - Christian Daull (CEO)

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Press Conference for the Tachograph System and Road Safety in Algeria.

BCP Samodia present the Tachograph System as a tool for promoting road safety in Algeria.

> The tachograph system assures adherence to and recording of speeds and working hours for all vehicles dedicated to transportation.

With the aim of contributing to Road Safety improvement in Algeria, Samodia presented the Tachgraph project to the attendees which included the ONML (National Office of Legal Metrology), private and public entities, partners and the Press. The project consists in equipping all commercial vehicles deployed for transportation of people and merchandise with regulatory recording machines . When accompanied by appropriate laws, the Tachograph system helps to create a "Road Safety culture" and makes people involved in road transportation more responsible.

Continental and Samodia have received government certification from the ONML for two models of Tachograph and are currently preparing a test station which will enable different players in the transport sector: drivers, companies, police, law-makers to put into place the most appropriate system for Algeria.