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Fleet Management : SamWeb and SamJourney
SamWeb and SamJourney are online fleet management applications which will help you to plan, monitor and manage your fleet of vehicles and drivers effectively. The systems are accessible via the internet or corporate intranet and can be adapted to suit your organisation.
SamWeb Track & Trace :
SamWeb allows you to locate, track and monitor your vehicles in real and differed time.
An on-board computer is installed in each vehicle which transfers information from the vehicle to the office via the cellular network. Vehicles are displayed on a digital map and can be tracked in real time or reviewed later using the playback button. Using the 10 day view you can easily visualise recent trips and identify driving errors such as over speeding and harsh acceleration. Driving time-lines illustrate start, stop, standing, idling, rest times.  Each driver is supplied with an identification key so you can establish who was driving a vehicle at a given moment. You can set up a range of alerts according to different criteria e.g. night-driving, driving over an authorised speed. The system also allows you to establish geofencing and associated rules e.g. no entry/exit zone, limited access hours and can generate alerts in the case of infractions. You can also create servicing reminders as a function of the number of KM or engine hours.  Any required maintenance can be logged in the system with associated reminders via e-mail or SMS. A range of detailed reports are available to help you to monitor and improve the performance and safety of your fleet.
SamJourney :
SamJourney is a web enabled Journey Management solution aimed at facilitating the planning, dispatching and safety of road transport missions.
The system helps Journey Managers to record each transport request and to determine whether the trip is necessary or if there is safer non-driving option. Once the transport request is authorised by the Journey Manager or his supervisor, the system takes him step by step through the planning and dispatching process i.e. Selection of suitable vehicle, driver(s), passenger(s) and associated goods to be transported; selection of itinerary, departure and arrival time, scheduled stops; assessment of risks related to the journey and classification of risk level, automatic request for trip authorisation above a predefined  risk value, attribution of special on-board safety equipment, definition of the frequency and means of communication during the journey, issue of a Journey plan which is given to the driver before starting the journey. SamJourney provides a range of reports to assess each Journey Manager’s performance and to identify improvements in the journey management process.
Journey Management : Stay alert, drive safely !

Driver fatigue is a factor in many thousands of road traffic accidents worldwide. Studies have shown that the groups particularly at risk tend to be young males, truck drivers, company car drivers and shift workers.

Samobile - Smartphone Application for Mobile Workers
Samobile - Smartphone Application for Mobile Workers

- Manage your mobile teams more effectively
- Save time and energy on administration
- Build knowledge and improve customer service

Samodia is excited to announce our latest application for smartphones - Samobile is a business application for companies with mobile teams involved in: Field services/interventions, Public Works, Public Services, Healthcare, Tourism & Leisure (hospitality), Supply & Distribution, Sales Forces, Agriculture, Transportation / Distribution, Vehicle fleets.

Samobile enhances our existing SamPlan application for planning, dispatching and monitoring field interventions by providing a communication link with mobile workers in the field. The solution is composed of a Web Interface for planning and dispatching missions from the office, and a smartphone application for retrieving mission-related information in the field. Mobile workers no longer have to go to the office to pick up work orders. Using their smartphone, they can declare their working hours, receive missions in real time and send reports back to the office once a job is completed.

Samobile - Better communication and productivity for mobile teams 

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