What is Samobile ?

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Samobile, stay connected with your mobile teams

> Improve communication between office and mobile workers
> Plan and manage your employees service routes more efficiently
> Boost your teams productivity and improve your customer service
> Simplify and centralise management of service interention reports
> Reduce paperwork without losing information
Manage your teams’ itineraries simply and efficiently.
Samobile simplifies daily planning, allocation and monitoring of service interventions and provides a communication link with workers in the field. It is suitable for small, medium and large companies which need to manage mobile teams and service interventions.
Samobile is adaptable to a wide range of business sectors: Field services/interventions, Public Works, Public Services, Healthcare, Tourism & Leisure (hospitality), Supply & Distribution, Sales Forces, Agriculture, Transportation / Distribution, Vehicle fleets.


Plan, assign and monitor field visits
Samobile is composed of a Web Interface for planning and dispatching missions from the office, and a smartphone application for retrieving mission-related information in the field. Tasks are planned and assigned in real time according to business priorities and the, availability and skills of your mobile workers. The field worker receives jobs directly onto his smartphone. He can access precise instructions about a job, get digital signoff from the customer once it is completed and transfer a complete report to the office.


> Web Interface (Office-based manager)
Accessible via internet from anywhere at anytime or via the company intranet from any computer, the web planning tool allows the team manager to direct, monitor and communicate with the mobile team.

> Mobile Application (Mobile worker)
The smartphone application works on GPRS, Edge, 3G and 3G+ networks and allows instantaneous transfer of all types of information (text, photo, signature) and intervention reports to the office..