BCP Samodia provides a full range of fleet management solutions for vehicles, drivers and mobile workforces. This includes track and trace, driver/vehicle management and road transportation planning tools. Our solutions allow you to monitor and analyse your road transportation activity so that you can improve security, facilitate fleet management and increase the productivity of your vehicles and drivers. We supply you with the most appropriate solution to match your requirements and work hard to provide you with the best safety equipment, software and onsite services.

> Improve road transportation safety (reduce accidents thefts, breakdowns ...)

> Reduce vehicle operating and maintenance costs (e.g. fuel consumption)

> Reducing the excessive wear and tear of your vehicles and protect your goods

> Optimize your drivers travel time

> Improve productivity by using integrated Financial, administrative and technical software tools

> Reliable solutions which are adapted to your needs

We provide fleet and driver management Solutions for all driving environments.  Our clients are in the following sectors: Oil & Gas, Transportation, Construction & Public Works, Mines & Quarries, any company which operates with a mobile workforce (After-sales services, technical maintenance and intervention), Vehicle leasing Companies ... 

BCP-Samodia’s solutions are custom-tailored to suit light vehicles, trucks, all types of construction machinery, buses, taxis, trailers, containers... 

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The main objectives of VDMS (Vehicle & Driver Management Systems) are to increase vehicle safety, reduce the cost of your fleet and improve productivity of your vehicles and machinery.  A VDMS system is a small computer which is installed in each vehicle and records and transmits information about the vehicle and driver to a computer at the office base : 

> Unsuitable driving behaviour such as speeding, harsh breaking, dangerous or sudden turns,... 

> Fleet management information such as the location of vehicles; starting, stopping, resting, idling times; completed itineraries; unauthorized trips and stops. This information is then presented graphically via customised reports and dashboards to help you manage and optimize the utilisation of vehicles and drivers. 

At your office, you need a computer and an Internet connection. Our system is web-enabled so no need to download a software application.

We install each vehicle with a VDMS unit which we connect to the most reliable and cost-effective communication system available. In urban areas data is usually transmitted via the GSM/GPRS network; in remote locations we use radio and satellite communications networks. Various options can be added according to your needs e.g. connection to Tachograph, shock sensor, panic button, fuel meter, speed limiter...). For more information, please refer to our catalogue or contact us.

> Where are my vehicles now? Where have they been? Which drivers are active? 

> Which vehicles are nearest to a specific location? 

> How, when, where, by whom, for how long are my vehicles being used? 

> What was the exact itinerary taken by a vehicle during a transportation mission? 

> My vehicles often exceed the speed limit: I need to know when, where and by whom? 

>Are my vehicles are often used outside of working hours? 

> The maintenance of my vehicles is it respected exactly? 

> What time do my drivers start and finish their days? 

> How can I ensure that drivers comply with driving and resting times?

> How can I ensure that drivers stick to planned itineraries? Do they make unplanned stops? If so, where and for how long?