Tachograph 1318

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The Tachograph ensures adherence to and recording of speeds, distances travelled, as well as the working time for vehicles dedicated to transportation of passengers and merchandise. 
> Record the speed of your vehicles for each transport mission. 
This device enables you to know at what speed your vehicles are travelling, resting times (regulatory breaks), driving times, as well as working time and availability, which gives the total time of serviceIt ensures compliance with daily and weekly resting times as prescribed by legislative texts as well as compliance with maximum driving times. 
> The Analogue Tachograph 1318, 140 mm diameter, fits perfectly into the dashboard.
> Speed, distance traveled, driving, work and resting times are recorded on the disques.
produit Samodia, Gestion de flotte de véhicules, conducteurs et ressources mobiles en environnements difficiles