Case Study: Safer Driving and Reduced Costs


A leading oilfield services provider with international operations in approximately 80 countries operates a fleet of more
than 400 vehicles in Algeria spread over different remote locations.

Project requirements

• Improve driver safety in order to reduce accidents. Provide help in case of emergency for potentially sensitive locations.
• Improve vehicle maintenance and monitor usage in order to reduce costs.
• Address the excessive degradation of some trailers due to harsh driving on gravel roads.

Our Solution

• In-Vehicle System: FM 200 Locators connected to adapted means of communication i.e.
Zigbee modems in 90% of vehicles, GSM or satellite modems (+ panic button) on 10% of vehicles.
• Individual driver identification keys.
• Shock sensors are mounted on trailers to monitor excessive impacts.
• A web-enabled Journey Management system will be deployed in Phase 2 of the project.


• Client receives detailed reports and alerts regarding driver safety and vehicle usage.
• Data is transferred automatically at no cost each time the vehicle is within a radius of 1500 metres from the gate of any site.
• In selected vehicles, in case of emergency the driver can raise an alarm which is transmitted to security. The driver is alerted whenever he is in a no-go zone and the office is automatically alerted after a defined delay.
• Individual identification keys limit vehicle usage to authorized persons with specified driving certifications.
• Management data is used to improve driving techniques and to adhere to maintenance schedules.
• The Samodia team helped implement the system by providing necessary onsite support, training and controls for different categories of users (HSE, field managers, security, key operators).
• Samodia’s robust products and flexible software withstand severe climatic, geographical conditions (Algerian desert).


80% less accidents
12% reduction in maintenance costs in first year

Case Study - Oil & Gas - BCP Samodia