Case Study: Increased Control, Decreased Breakdowns


A Company which leases different kinds of machinery for construction projects in several countries.

Project requirements

• Monitor bad usage and remotely track scheduled maintenance.
• Reduce accidents and eliminate breakdowns of machinery which are extremely costly for the company.
• Reduce rental management and maintenance costs by removing the need to physically inspect and measure machinery.(i.e. receive all data via internet/mobile phone).
• Increase client billings by recording all machinery usage and providing proofs to clients.
• Prevent theft.
• Provide clients with tools for safety management and fuel consumption savings.

Our Solution

• In-Vehicle System: FM200/3306 + GSM/GPRS (real time) + Connection to engines sensors (e.g. rpm & engine hours counter or CanBus, speed, pedals, dump bed status, ripping switch, 6x6 switch…).
• Web Software: SamWeb Construction Tracking with tailored reports.
• Fuel meter with driver display connected to the in-vehicle system.
• Consultancy and Training:
- Tailored Safe & EcoDriving program (improve driving skills and behaviour with a view to reducing costs & accidents)
- Conducted a study on optimising work cycles.


• Easy and fast access to all vehicle and rental data with one system (any types and brands of machine).
• Improved revenues and shortened billing cycle (Exact machine usage transmitted via internet provides instant total usage and proof for any dispute).
• Significant reduction in inspection travel and maintenance costs.
• Longer life span of parts and wheels due to sensible driving. Reduction in fuel consumption due to lower speeds and less revving.


Increase in client revenues due to more appropriate usage of vehicles.
Inspection costs reduced by 70%
No breakdowns since installation one year ago (compared with 4 serious breakdowns the previous year)

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