Case Study: Centralised Management System for Cost Reduction


A national transportation company with a fleet of 150 trucks in three distant locations covering the entire Algerian territory.

Project requirements

• Know what really happens outside of the office (locate and track drivers).
• Manage vehicle reservations, dispatching, monitoring and follow-up.
• Manage cold storage and avoid client litigation by providing proofs.
• Increase vehicle life-span by improving driver caution and preventative maintenance.
• Reduce fuel consumption.

Our Solution

• In-Vehicle System: FM3306 + GSM/GPRS + Voice Kit.
• Web Software: SamWeb Transport Tracking + Planning and Dispatching System.
• On refrigerated trucks, FM200 + onboard system is connected to the refrigerator temperature sensor.
• Driver scoring and reward program.
• Administrative, technical and financial management system is planned for Phase 2 of the project.


• Vehicle tracking and maintenance alerts succeeded in reducing the number of breakdowns. For the first time, the client succeeded in following their maintenance schedules.
• The driver incentive scheme succeeded in significantly reducing wear and tear.
• Vehicle tracking rapidly reduced the number of unauthorised trips.
• Less client litigation so less legal costs, hassle and faster billing cycles.
• Reduction in fuel consumption due to driver scoring and fuel mileage monitoring.
• A vehicle was retrieved 500 km from where it was stolen thanks to the system.


12% reduction in maintenance costs
Average billing cycle reduced by 10 days

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